Schools currently using Stymie report that:

  • Stymie empowers youth to say something, and ask for help – creating the first critical step on the pathway to healing harm and a positive future.
  • Stymie has proactively let schools know about incidents before they have happened.
  • Stymie has significantly and proactively reduced the number of incidents of harm in their schools.
  • Stymie has provided a safe mechanism for youth to report issues that are concerning them and reach out for help on behalf of their peers or themselves.
  • Stymie has enabled schools to help students who would otherwise not have been identified.
  • Stymie increases school attendance rates.

Internationally, schools are receiving Stymie notifications about suicide ideation, illegal activity, depression, anxiety, family violence, self-harm, bullying and cyberbullying, planned fights and other covert behaviours.

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Why Stymie?

Adhere to Government wellbeing guidelines
In Australia (Australian Student Wellbeing Framework) and New Zealand (National Administration Guidelines), it is the mandated responsibility of all schools to provide a safe physical and emotional environment so that young people can reach their aspirations in learning and in life.

Social & Emotional Wellbeing
The Productivity Commission has called for the social and emotional wellbeing of school children to be a national priority, stating that “Schools should have a clearly defined role in supporting the social and emotional wellbeing of students, with effective pathways to care.”

Evidence when you need it
Stymie notifications provide supportive evidence for investigations into incidents of harm. To date, this evidence has been used by police, allied health, outside agencies and schools to find the right type of support for young people.

Privately owned and independent
Stymie is independent of any Education Department and Ministry of Education. We are not bound by political interest or influence; we are student welfare centred. We believe in a world where people have access to the help they need, so they know that they are not alone. Always.

Built with educators and students
Our Founder has worked in the education system for 26 years—Stymie is simple to use and has been built with the school information channel in mind. Every year, Stymie involves both students and educators in the review, assessment and improvement of the Stymie technology and service.

Support and Implementation
Stymie sits outside of an organisation’s IT ecosystem, so there is no need to install or align any student management systems with the Stymie technology. So far we have delivered 375 000 notifications, given more than 600 000 young people  a powerful voice, provided advice and support to over 200 school communities.

Registering as a Stymie school


Upon registering as a Stymie school, we will assist you in setting up the notification system. You are able to choose how the Stymie notifications (emails) are categorised and you are then able to choose to whom they are sent. For example, Year 9 notifications will be sent to Mr Partridge, and Year 10 notifications to Mrs Green.

Your Stymie launch day

A non-negotiable part of using Stymie in your community is a launch day. The onboarding process involves a Stymie Facilitator coming to your school; they will deliver 20-minute presentations to Primary students, 40-minute presentations to Secondary students and an essential staff PD.